Admin Message – New Features 1/5/2023

By Michael Lebowitz and Lance Roberts | January 6, 2023

We are continuously improving existing features and adding new features to SimpleVisor to facilitate investment decisions. We want to hear your feedback on existing features and new features you would like to see in the future. Feel free to write to us 

Over the last few months, we have improved many features and added the following new features

  • Ideas > Absolute Analysis: This analysis uses the price of the securities to establish an absolute technical score. 13 technical measures are applied to the price data to determine the score. Quite often, scores of + .75 or greater are good times to reduce holdings, and -.75 are good times to buy. However, scores can stay extremely overbought or oversold for extended periods, so at times patience is required.
  • Ideas > Absolute Analysis – Sectors: This page provides absolute scores and charts for the major sectors. Sectors scores are sorted from most oversold to most overbought. By clicking on a sector symbol block, the user can drill down into the sector to see charts and absolute scores of the top 10 (by market value) stocks within the sectors.
  • Ideas > Relative vs. Absolute Analysis: A scatter plot of each sector’s relative score (vs. SPY) and the absolute score. This links our relative and absolute analysis in one chart to help you judge how a stock or sector is performing versus the market and on an absolute basis. Additional symbols to the chart can be added as needed. We will soon provide the ability to select a sector and see the scatter plot for the underlying stocks.
  • Dashboard > ETFs & Sectors >> ETF Notable Movers: This new tab on the page displays a list of ETFs, which can be filtered on 13 technical criteria to highlight ETFs meeting the selected technical criteria.
  • Research > Research – Stocks >> Insider Stats: Summarizes insider trades and provides details, including the name and title of the insider, the quantity bought or sold, and the value of the transaction. 
  • Pop-Up Chart Defaults: Pop-up charts now include the MACD, Bollinger Bands, and SMAs. 
  • Blog Alert Mails: Email notifications of the new blogs are sent out twice a day to keep you up to date with trades and new commentary. You can manage your email notification preferences from the ‘My Account’ section. 
  • Weekly Report Mails: We now generate and send via email every Saturday a weekly report containing the performance of tickers, markets, asset classes, stocks to watch, and blogs. You can manage your email notification preferences from the ‘My Account’ section

Thank you and we wish you a happy and healthy 2023 

Michael and Lance

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