Flash Technical Update

By Lance Roberts | August 28, 2018

, Flash Technical Update

J. Brett Freeze of Global Technical Analysis believes the S&P 500 is presenting short term traders a low-risk entry point to short the S&P 500, anticipating a pullback into Friday’s Federal Reserve SOMA portfolio maturity ($11.4B liquidity drain). A confluence of six resistance levels lies between 2895.50 and 2912.50 as shown on the graph below (red box). Currently S&P futures are trading at 2901 and above three of the six resistance levels.

Traders can establish a short position below the highest resistance level of 2912.50 and limit risk with a stop loss order on a daily market close above 2912.50. The potential downside for the S&P 500 is 2835.50 as circled in the graph. If the market closes above 2912.50 traders should then use that as a pivot point, whereas you are long the market above 2912.50 and short below that level.

The link below penned by GTA provides a user’s guide to this analysis.

GTA Users Guide

, Flash Technical Update

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