Portfolio Trade Alert – September 12, 2022

By Lance Roberts | September 12, 2022

Trade Alert For Equity & ETF Models

This morning we added some exposure to both models. Financial and Discretionary have some promise to outperform on a relative basis. Accordingly, we added 1% of PFF to both models. We also increased our exposure to AMZN and XLY by .50%. 

We also added 1% to tech via AAPL/ MSFT, and XLK. Tech should do better if the dollar weakness continues, and rates decline.

We are aware of the numerous risks (CPI, PPI, Retail Sales, and the Fed) this week and next, so we were reserved in the exposure we added. If we do rally we will look at 4250 as an important line in the sand for bulls and bears.

Equity Model

  • Increase AMZN by 0.5% bringing total portfolio exposure to 1%. (Still underweight)
  • Add 0.5% to MSFT and AAPL increasing portfolio weight to 2.5% and 2% respectively.
  • Initiate a 1% in the iShares Preferred and Income Securities ETF (PFF)

ETF Model

  • Add 0.5% to XLY bringing total portfolio weight to 2.5%
  • Increase XLK by 1% to 7.5% of the total portfolio.
  • Initiate a 1% in the iShares Preferred and Income Securities ETF (PFF)

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Lance Roberts is a Chief Portfolio Strategist/Economist for RIA Advisors. He is also the host of “The Lance Roberts Podcast” and Chief Editor of the “Real Investment Advice” website and author of “Real Investment Daily” blog and “Real Investment Report“. Follow Lance on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube
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