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Retirement Income Distribution Plan, Retirement Income Distribution Plan

Retirement Income Distribution Plan

You’ve spent years accumulating wealth.

Five to seven years from retirement is an excellent time to begin thinking about how to formulate a retirement distribution strategy.

In our analysis we will provide:

  • A distribution plan personally designed to help you generate a retirement paycheck in a tax-efficient manner-which may result in thousands of dollars in tax-savings over a lifetime of withdrawals.
  • An education on how to re-think retirement distributions that veer from outdated or conventional wisdom.
  • A plan that includes pre-retirement income strategies that outline how you may benefit from reducing the size of required minimum distributions and their tax implications.
  • An analysis of how Roth alternatives including surgical Roth conversions can reduce the tax bite in retirement and in some cases, reduce taxes paid on Social Security benefits and increases in Medicare’ Part B premiums.

This specialized service is available for a flat fee or as a value-added service for members of our Diamond -Level asset management families.
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